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Nissan Z Sunshade

Nissan Z Sunshade
  • Nissan Z Sunshade
  • Nissan Z Sunshade
  • Nissan Z Sunshade
  • Nissan Z Sunshade
  • Nissan Z Sunshade
  • Nissan Z Sunshade
Model Number:nissan-z-sun-shade
List Price:$69.90
Our Price:$49.95
Made in USA

Availability:Custom - 1-2 day production time

  • Product description

• Custom fit Sunshade specifically for your Nissan Z
• Average temperature reduction of 25 degrees F to 40 degrees F.
• Front windshield Sunshade supported only by upper sun visors.
• Side and Rear window sunshades include suction cups for support.
• Strong and rigid to prevent sagging, but flexible enough to be bent around rearview mirror.
• Unrolls across the dash for easy installation and rolls up with Velcro strap for easy storage.
• Custom options for vehicles equipped with optional rearview mirrors and windshield mounted sensors behind mirror.
• USA MADE and backed by a High-End-Motorsports Lifetime Warranty.

Lifetime Warranty Made in the USA Nissan Z Sunshade. Fits inside your Nissan Z Windshield.
Nissan Side Sunshades and Rear Sunshade are a great way to add protection and comfort to your vehicle. SunShade - Our first choice for our own personal vehicles!
This multi-layered material SunShade for your Nissan Z will make a noticeable difference to your inside temperature, will protect your interior and will do both in-style.
Just think of it, your Nissan Z was parked in the Sun and the interior is cool to the touch and the temperature is as much as 40 degrees cooler. This is done by the high-tech, incredibly reflective closed cell foam. Since every corner is covered, it gives you maximum protection for your interior and looks great from the outside at the same time. Lightweight, just roll it up when not in use. Protect your investment; this is what your Nissan deserves. Custom made, Fits like a Glove!


Q. What is the Sensor?
A. Many of today's modern cars are equipped with optional safety packages that may include sensors such as Lane Departure, Forward Collision Warning, Lane Keep Assist, Auto Wipers, or Adaptive Cruise Control.
Q. I previously ordered the front windshield and I love it, can I order just the side windows without getting another windshield sunshade?
A. Yes, In the Front Windshield drop down box, just select, "No Front Windshield Sunshade (-$44.95)" and the $44.95 will be deducted from the price when added to your shopping cart.
Q. How does the Windshield Sunshade stay in place?
A. Your Windshield Sunshade is strong and rigid and should only need the support of your upper sun visors to stay in place.
Q. How do the side and rear windows stay up in place?
A. All Side and Rear Sunshades will have suction cups included with the shades that once installed, will help hold them in place.